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Quick Guide to Our Prices 
See below for Detailed Packages!

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Q&A On How our Parties work to help you decide!

 Firstly You would pick what package below that is suitable for your party size you'll see clearly marked

which one suits each size!

Please note some packages are not suitable for parties with high attendance! The Maximum attendance for us to run and us host a party is 40 children and that requires 3 Cast running the party.

If you have more than 40 attending we can however attend for photos & your cake! for a comfortable party that runs the best we suggest anything between 2-30 children. You will see Limits on each Package. 

Q. So What is a Mascot?

A. youll see this word thown around when you get to our packages so lets explain it! A mascot is someone inside a costume for eg Buzz light year , Olaf some one whos face is covered they dont speak!

Q. What is a Character?

A. A Character thats mentioned is for eg an Actor with an actual face who could play Elsa , Its someone who can Physically speak and act as that character! 

Q.Which characters can run my childs party?

A. Pretty much anyone in our kingdom on the Character list below is available to be selected ! There are certain characters which due to costume restrictions find manuvering in parties hard and do need help for eg Cinderella & Belle this is due to their dresses , Iron man , Jack skellington so these characters need their own special packages due to the size / Awkwardness of their costumes! but all suitable for 30 mins meet and greets.

Q. Are we Insured?

A. Yes We are fully insured upto 10 Million Pounds should you need our Public Liability please ask!

Q.So a Mascot Party with say Paw patrol how does that work if mascots cant Physically speak?

A. for a full mascot party where you want for eg Chase and Skye from paw patrol , Two plain party hosts will attend one will be jumping into Chase & skye at different times whilst the other assistant will Host your party! this way we can physically run it speak and host and your mascots will come in and join the fun!

Q. Parties with an Assistant what can they do?

A. An assistant can do anything from change into two mascots of your choice and join in with your chacters for eg Frozen packages your assistant can be olaf join anna and elsa for games and then they do a change into sven!

Alternatively they can do makeovers while your party is being ran by anna and elsa like you would hire a face painter! they can even do a mix of both makeovers and then jump into a choice of one mascot at the end for your cake and final photos to give your photos the wow factor! our assistant role is versitile and you decide your paying for the extra help so they do whats best for you! we have so many mascots for each theme!


Q. Can we attend if i book something else say if you have say for eg a Dj run your party for just photos and a meet and greet?

A. yes of course! note we usually run 30 mins meet and greets around parties we host , so times available will be given on that day at time of booking ! we will tell you what times we have unfortunately these are not usually available to book in middle of the day as we will be busy with full parties.

Q. How do you Book and Pay?

A. you book via the Facebook page on the Book now button it links direct to our online Diary! as we have many ports of contact we try keep it all in one place! if you dont have Facebook email us! We take £20 to book and the rest is the week before the link is here to BOOK NOW the end of the packages!

What Characters do we have in our Catalogue?

Mascots Available in themes:

 Paw Patrol - Ryder Marshall Skye, Chase, Nemo &Dory ,Hulk, Spiderman , Mickey , Minnie , Donald , Daisy , Goofy ,Pluto , Poppy Troll, Buzz, Rex , Jessie , Woody , Bruno , Maui , Genie, Jafar, Lumiere , Cogsworth , Beast, Olaf , Sven , Mad Hatter , Easter Bunny, Piglet , Togger , Winnie the Pooh, Cinderella mice , Monsters Inc mike & Sully, Nightmare before Christmas Oogie Boogie , Ginger bread , Christmas Reindeer, Captain Hook , Sebastian & Ursula!   

 Characters Available in Themes:

Elsa , Anna , Kristoff , Rapunzel , Flyn Ryder, Merida, Snow white , Belle ,

Cinderella , Prince Charming,Fairy Godmother, Ariel, Prince Eric , Moana,

Jasmine , Aurora , Prince Phillip,

Mirabel, Isabella , Bruno , Pepa, Dolres, Mary Poppins, Bert , Alice in wonderland, 

Tinkerbell , Periwinkle , Terrance , Fairy Fawn

 Unicorns , Unicorn Fairy ,LOL DOLL , Pirate Polly

Captain Marvel , Captain America ,Thor , Scarlet Witch , Black widow , Spider Gwen ,Spiderman Hogwarts Students ,  Wednesday Adams , Morticia Adams , Enid Sinclair

Decendants - Evie , Mal and Audrey

 Villains - Cruella, Maleficent , Snow White Evil Queen , Mother gothel ,Ugly Step Sisters , Hocus pocus - Winnie , Sarah & Mary , Nightmare before Christmas Jack and Sally

 we are also constantly Adding new ones! 

Now you have all the Information lets get to the Magic..

30 mins Meet & Greets

Suitable for
1-40 Children Attending

face 30 .PNG

Suitable for
5- 25 Children Attending

60 Mins Party Packages 

mascot party.PNG

This Package is Perfect for Paw Patrol party or children who love mascot Characters like Mickey, Toy story etc!  As Mascots cant speak a Host will speak and run the party!

60 mins 2023 .PNG
encanto and assist .PNG
ballgown and host 2023 .PNG

Choose either Cinderella or Belle for this package. 
If you want Belle & Cinderella at your party please see below for another 90 mins option with both Cinderella & Belle! these are the only two packages they can attend in due to their huge dresses.

Full 90 mins Party Packages ran by
2 Characters 

Suited to 5-35 Children Attending 

90 mins x2 characters 2023.png
ball gown x 2 .PNG

90 Mins Parties with an Assistant 
Your Assistant can do makeovers &be mascots to give your party extra Magic2- 35 kids

90 mins 210 .PNG
encanto ultimate .PNG

Wow Factor Parties 

Our Ultimate Party packages below makes a maximum use of your assistant!
These are biggest most impressive packages we offer!
In the 90 mins your assistant will change into 2 mascots!! the mascots will join your face characters who are running the party at different times ! so effectively you'll have 4 characters attending!
This is so impressive and gives your child so much choice it can be mixes of themes
you choose mascot choices! All you need is one room to store
costumes away from kids for your assistant to change into!
ultimate super party final .png

Specialised Alternative
60 and 90 Party Packages 

hogwarts standard .png
hogwarts school .png

Once you have decided what option best suits your needs

Please Check the package that you want suits the amount you have invited, this is

to avoid any under booking!

We appreciate we have so many options so take your time we have been working for 9 years now so we have so many themes! 


When you are ready Head to our Facebook page to book Parties via our


This is attached to our Online Diary and gives some Availability to make it easier!  

We take £20 to secure if your Date and time is available

Please note as of 2023 we only are open Saturdays to book Birthday parties! 

 £20 is taken from final balance.

 Note if you cancel and do not rearrange this is non refundable  

The remaining is to be paid one week before.

Please note prices are subject to being within 10 miles of NE1  if you are further away a travel and extra time charge may apply please enquire.

For parties of 40 and over please be aware our packet are not suited for this size but a Royal meet and greet is.


Click here to Start the Magic & BOOK NOW 

OR EMAIL - if you do not have Facebook

Note parties are for upto a certain amount visable on each option but note you are not being billed for that specific amount attending , it is completely upto yourself how many you invite on the day ,we just have to cap the amount at some point to ensure its not over crowded,
Please note discounts are not made for less children attending as we base price on duration you need our service.


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