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Party Guidance 

What We need to Complete the Work Booked


All venues we work in need a FREE parking space this Must be close to the party!

This is so cast and staff can unload equipment if parking must be paid to get to your venue or you cannot access the venue as a normal one, please make us aware on booking this can effect the price. 

If there is on street parking or no place to park please make us aware prior! If we cannot get parked at your venue easily and timely this may make your party time start later.

Having a venue with easy access is vital for us to do our job effectively in costume is a must for a timely party.

Weather - Outdoor Parties


Please be aware if you are having a Garden Party it must have some form of shade on sunny & Hot days to be able to do our job safely, While being in the garden is great on a normal day for guests in cool clothes this isnt the same for us, cast can over heat in thick costumes inside mascots and heavy wigs its almost like having a huge towel on your head and multiple layers 

 They can get sunstroke and Heat Exsaustion 

Please take this into consideration when booking us for a Garden Party, a Garden Gazebo is a solution to open sun.

If the Heat is to much outside with no shade we may have to take the party inside in cooler area.This will disrupt your party and eat into your time.

Water to drink must be supplied whilst working outside in Summer temperatures. 

Please be aware if the heat is Unsafe and you do not have alternative areas to move the party inside, we may have to cut your party short due to no fault of our own as high temperatures with no shade are unworkable working environments for long periods. 

Venue saftey is the Customers responsibility when inviting us to host your party we have no idea the environment before we arrive. We trust you have a safe environment to do the Job you have booked us for.


If the weather should change to Rain you must have an indoor area pre planned incase we need to move the party inside.

If it rains and we do not have a safe space to work inside we may have to cut the party short as we cant perform outdoors in bad weather.

This is due to staff health and saftey and the huge expense of our wigs and costumes being damaged.

Garden Parties are a risk unfortunately due to weather so please plan for alternative issues on day if you wish to use this as a location to avoid disappointment, we can only work with what we can.

     Parties hosted by us Arrival Time

If your party entertainment with us starts at 13.30pm we suggest inviting your guests for 13.10/13.15 & have your own music playing for children on a mini speaker.

This will also give adults time to catch up & settle in children.

Its also important for them to arrive without seeing us arrive in the car!

 Please note if we see multiple children arrive at same time we will have to wait until they are inside. No one wants to see a Princess arrive in a Nissan Juke! having guests arrive at same time can spoil the magical entrance!

This can also effect your party start time if we cant get into your venue! 

Once we leave you will then also have a music system to play songs while they eat so the music isn't fully cut off. This is handy.

Party Bookings of 60 and 90 Mins

What do we need you need to set up?

If you have a Make over assistant in your package or makeovers in your package we will need a table and 4 chairs set up for us arriving to ensure we run on time.


 This is Ideally near a plug socket if you want the

Makeover station light case to be lit up!

you'll also need one pot of water for transfer tattoos if you have those in your package.

Please have those ready to make the most out of your time,

An Ideal location for us is away from Any other table you have and not around a busy space so we can have a queue of children and space.

If we have to set this up on arrival this will eat into your Makeover time!

Power Supply


You'll need a power socket for our Party equipment please make a note of this when you set up your room if we have to move chairs or move furniture to locate this , it can make our entrance messy and very unmagical!


 Ideally having this power socket pre located and free from adults seats and clear is the best for us.

We need space for all our things so Music system , box of party props equipment etc to take out so try to remeber this when setting up your party to leave space for us.


A Power socket is also used for not only our music system but also our snow machine- (This is more like bubbles and evaporates easily , any mess is cleaned up by our staff)

We do have a power extension cord but this is only going to stretch so far so being close to a power supply is vital, if you are having an outdoor party please have a power cable outside that we can plug into on arrival for our Our designated area.


Please have your Party area fully clear for us to host the party this needs to be beside the power supply and away from other seats in the room.

When picking our area to host your party imagine a stage type area you want us to perform from to your guests! if you have a stage thats great also , but note this isnt needed specifically but just a free space facing your room Guests as if we were the Dj and host is Enough!


 If seats are all around the room on each wall we will not have enough space to do actives and games effectively , the ideal set up is like a dance classroom we stand at back of the room on back wall & children stand facing us as if they were learning something! have parents seats around the outside but let us have one free wall where power is and we can set up our things.


If you have mascots booked in your package for e.g Olaf or Hulk you need a room or area on same floor away from children this has to be near or beside our performing area. Mascots have Restricted viewing so this has to be on the same floor and close , you dont want Hulk falling down steps do you!


This is so your assistant can get into character costume and not be seen alomost like a make shift back stage! if this is unavailable on the day this may make your party not run on time ,or in some cases unable to get into character costume. we cant have children seeing characters in doorways or car parks without a head. Please do think about this space we need to house your mascot when booking our mascot package make sure that your venue can cater for this little extra room! A Toilet that children dont have acess to sometimes will work!

Please have this area needed in mind for cast to change when booking the mascot packages!

Bouncy Castles

Although bouncy castles are fun for children they can be very loud hard to be heard over and distracting for Children at the party.

For us they are hard to work alongside to Control the environment it makes it harder for our entertainers to be heard.


In our experience having entertainment and a bouncy castle at same time doesn't work best for optimum engagement on our packages.

what can happen is children go back and fourth to the castle and cant stay involved in the games as its entertainment overload.

 This can add to an element of chaos and unorganised atmosphere to your party if this is fine for you and you dont mind if the children dont want to do the activities and games that is fine with us but Please note this will be harder for cast to gain control of the children to get them to engage.


Ultimately if you wish to have a bouncy castle and entertainment at same time that is no problem but please note this can effect your party atmosphere if children won't engage due to other room distractions.


We always find having a bouncy castle works best with us if it is almost as a second stage activity once we leave as the next thing thats happening that is what we feel works best.


We feel you gain the value for money on both entertainment products.

We are very experienced & happy to run your party with either but please be aware distractions for parties can make it harder to get the whole crowd to join in activities.


Do we supply prizes?

We ask you to supply these!

ideally a large bag of sweets is best

However on our 90 mins parties we do sometimes offer Passy the parcel which has sweets on each layer this is subject to availability on day.

In our experience some children get upset if they don't win so we make all children winners in a bid to have no tears, we will advise you to to have sweets enough for all children attending so we can hand them out to all of them.

This is not necessarily needed we can do it without but if you wish to do this, this works for us!

Party bags 

Party bags are not included in our package nor do we supply them. Youll need those, we can sometimes hand your bags out if you need if we have time in your package.

Cake presentation

Can we present the birthday cake? - yes we do this at the end of party and finish with photos!

We do this at every party if you dont wish for us to do it let us know!

Set up time 

How much set up time do we need?

Very little!

our speakers are pre charged so cast will usually bring the speaker in playing music and plug that in straight away!

This takes seconds.

If your table is pre set up for your assistant she will only need a min to open her case and unload her sparkles!


Mascot as you'll know if your having a mascot and what that entails above, ideally prior to our arrival you'll notify our page where thatll be and say this again to your party host and cast when they arrive where your mascot is able to be hidden at your venue!


 please note if we do find another place better suited on day we may move this location.

we roughly need 5/10 mins on arrival this can sometimes be less!

Be aware you maybe in a chain of parties that day so speedy arrival for us with things left out as needed and pre organisation from parents is needed to make all the magic happen in the way it should!


Having a positive atmosphere for children is what works best for our performers , venues where alcohol is sold and adults are speaking loudly and more of a adult setting can make the experience we offer watered down and not  magical. Please note some venues that serve Alcohol do not work in experience so please check your venue is suitable for our services firstly before booking.

As we have been in the industry 9 years we know most venues and what works for our offering! If the venue will be to lively for a full party we'll suggest what will work and make a bespoke a package to suit your venue!

Venues that suit our hosted parties are 

Church halls , Community centres , function rooms for children's parties , larger homes with ample indoor and outdoor space.

Mixed Parties of Boys and Girls 

You'll be surprised to hear that we mostly host parties with boys and girls attending , which are in fact full class parties or mixes!

If you have asked for princesses to attend and it is a mix boy and girls attending your Child's party the games and activities will be suited to both! we 80% do mixed parties!.


If you would like a girls or boys only party for super heroes or princesses Party we can do more Princess lead activities or super hero activities just for boys or girls! please inform us of any requests were happy to accomodate. 


Sometimes your party crowd may not engage in certain activities on the day, this can happen with parties of all ages attending for eg older children mixed with the little ones, it can be hard to run a party that will suit a broad age spectrum.

In this case changes to your actives may have to be made on the day to suit the crowd , one running order unfortunately does not suit all so please be aware we may have to change activities on the day if something isn't working or age appropriate for your crowd.

If you want something in particular please tell your party hosts at the time of the party we can accomodate anything for you if its not to your liking! 

Cast Members

In the event of lateness or staff sickness cast can be replaced or moved around at any moment we have to sometimes do this.


 Please be aware that when booking us you are not booking a specific performer in a photo on our website or page, all performers who are cast in  roles are only cast to their ability or lookalike so note our standard is high and if it isnt same person it will be same costume same standard and

same level high quality cast member!

Please be aware the Elsa for eg in the photo may not be available on the day or on another party but someone of the same standard would be in place if needed,

we do like to only have same people playing same roles this is as we do parties all time and know well see same children in reality but sometimes we do need to move cast around.


All of our costumes are of highest standards so cast do look similar in our wigs and costumes , if a specific cast member has met your little one before please inform us on arrival so we can reiterate this in conversations! 

Cast members which if have sickness issues that are hard to replace are

- Jasmine , Mirabel , Isabella , Bruno ,Moana , Mulan , Raya, Aladdin , Grinch , Captain Jack Sparrow, Spiderman & Father Christmas please be aware that these roles are unique and only specific performers can play these! In the event of sickness another performer may not be available and alternative cast choice and cast members will have to be suggested if they are unable to work.

If you are booking one of these Characters please note not anyone can play these roles this can be for varied reasons , ability to do the voices , Correct heritage or tone to play the roles. Please have an understanding of this as we will only place performers in roles they can logically do.


Its vary rare that our parties run late but in the event this happens or traffic is bad our team will call or message you soon as we can, and get to you as soon as we can , we do strive for perfection but sometimes isn't possible.

The traffic isn't great on weekends and although we are very experienced in where is usually is busy on the roads , and note we do leave in time , lateness cannot be helped sometimes please bare this in mind.

 This is unlike us and very rare and only happens 1% but having a flexible venue combats issues like this in the inevitable event we are unfortunately late.

As we sometimes work in a chain of parties in one day something can happen on the day that is unforeseen and can leave us 10 mins behind. We unfortunately don't arrive in a wave of a wand we do have to travel to each location in full costume.


Please note that also giving us correct venue address not your address we also need your mobile and postcode! This is hugely important including if and postcode isn't easy to find.

Please pre send us advance notice of this and instructions how to find you when you are in a spot thats not on maps! Google maps sometimes doesnt find New build estates.

This is sometimes why we have been late on rare occasions and this is avoidable on the day if we know we may have issues finding you.

Party size 

Please note we do not offer parties that are more than 35 children!

prices quoted are only for 35 children no more! Please see what package you have as they all have suited numbers.


If you need a larger package the largest amount we go up to is 40 children if you need this you'd also need extra staff at extra cost to help manage.

If we attend a party and it is way over the numbers agreed an extra cost can be applied on arrival or we may be unable to do a full party just a visit.

Our fully hosted parties do not suit any larger than 35

 what would be suggested for a party of over 35 size where we would just arrive for photos , cake and some interaction for 30, 60 or 90 mins.

In experience larger parties of that size over 40 aren't workable for us to Host and gain control of.

Joint Birthdays - we have no issue doing a joint party but note the numbers must be under 35 the same as a usual party to qualify for our services. failure to tell us the party size and it being over the numbers agreed may result in disruption, downgrade or Cancellation in your service or flow on the day.


Please read our refunds and cancellation policy on our website page for full information.


Complaints must be made on the day of booking and done so by phone or in person at the party this is better as we can speak to you in person and try and resolve issues there and then away from children & Party Attendees , please make staff aware of any issues on the day, if you choose not to speak to staff to help in any query please see our complaints procedure.

 note we do not respond to emails in detail about any of our activities or complaints we can only do this via phone make a request for a call back and we will speak to you via phone to handle any queries.


Please be aware in 2023 we do not work Sundays only Saturdays for children's birthday parties. Sundays are closed for Parties 


We travel to locations in Newcastle , North Sheilds , South Sheilds , Sunderland, Durham and Morpeth - please be aware some postcodes in Morpeth , Durham and Sunderland may have a travel and extra time fee if you are more than 10 miles each way from NE1 this will be added at the time or after booking if you are further away if this will take longer to do the service.


Your party is only secured with £20 booking fee note characters can not be changed unless this is doable by chance on the day. The final payment also must be paid same account one week before if this is late or not paid the booking isn't complete so note the final process is the last payment. If you are having difficulties paying please inform us asap.


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