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About Us!

The Full Story

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brooke castle.JPG

Behind the Magic!

Let it Snow Productions was created in 2014 by owner Brooke Leete & co founder Louisa Simmons!

Louisa & Brooke are best friends and have been for many years prior to the kingdom opening!.

 This idea to start a kingdom came about after working Back stage at Disney on Ice in 2014.

After the final Disney show the decison was made to try make our own magic kingdom as a little hobby! Off we went to purchase a Elsa and Anna costume from ebay & one month later we were fully booked for apperances for 2 years every weekend! The characters from frozen were so close to louisa and brookes heart and easy to play due to being best friends!

This adventure was amazing for Brooke & Louisa , but louisa wanted to start another business NE Sports massage but not give up her crown full but only work ocassionally this meant Brooke wanted to continue running the Kingdom on her own and decided to go big or go home!



Brooke who plays Anna & Louisa who plays Elsa even managed to meet the Animator of frozen including attending the Disney Park Califormia as Anna and Elsa in 2022!


Over the Years Brooke has continued to invest into better costumes , wigs & Acessories to make the Children really believe! This has come as a great cost to Brooke who's now the sole owner of the company but this has massivley upgraded the standard of the business to what you see today! What was once a small cupboard of a few costumes is now in a large unit in Newcastle with over 300 costumes from all over the world from the top designers in cosplay! Let it Snows costumes & mascots are always ever growing! Not only has our Costume collection expanded we now have over 30 Cast members who over the year work for sucessuful events Such as Fairytale Express Princesses in the park, Treat and Trail , Super Fairytale express and a list of others not mentioned not forgetting the weekly Birthday Parties!


Brooke now works mainly behind the scenes out of costume and is the company manager as the work load is so much bigger year on year but Brooke & Louisa can be seen sometimes together as Anna and Elsa if you are lucky!


Christmas 2022 & 2023 Louisa and brooke were in costume and switched on Newcastle, Sunderland ,Chester- le - street , Stanley , Consett,  Darlington , Durham and Teesides Christmas Lights!

We dont think well ever hang up our crowns for good well always be there somewhere!. Although Brooke is the Sole owner of Let it snow now Louisa is a huge part of the Business doing multiple roles she's an integral part of what we do!

We hope to continue our magical work weather it be behind the scenes or in front and create more events and attend more parties as the years go on! every year is better than the last and we are so happy where we are today! 

Were thankful to all our Followers who’ve been on this magical Journey with us , youve helped us make the magic so a huge Thank you for Believing in started there!


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