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Please all of our events are Non refundable 

All ticket sales are final as per event descriptions they cannot under any circumstance be changed for a different date or time.

As a small business we do not have the man power to change times to suit schedules for any reason including sickenss , so please note if you purchase that time and date you must attend the chosen time.


If for whatever reason you cannot attend or dont wish to now attend,you can sell them onto a friend ( note we do not support selling to public you do not know and any selling on our pages will be deleted as we cannot ensure safe payment from customer to customer if they are done in person not with ourselves)

you can also gift them to a friend or person if you wish to not attend. Please be aware these are our terms and outlined in the event description fully, if you do not read this we are not responsible.

Refunds are only given should the event be fully Cancelled for any reason this doesnt include when an event is rescheduled.

Tickets can not under any circumstances be transfered to another event 

this is due to different event locations and partners , Some events are one offs so events differ from each one.


 We do not solely run all of our events so this cannot be done or expected. 

Please be aware if you have contracted COVID 19 we do not supprt your attendace we ask for you to be responsible and isolate.

If you cannot attend due to covid please gift them to a friend or sell them to a friend. Health and saftey is a priorty.

Tickets can be gifted without changing names we do not need to be notified.

Party Bookings -Should you cancel your Pre booked party with us for any reason please note that the booking fee is non refundable.

A credit will be applied for a future party booking of the remaining amount of the same value if you have paid in full.

Event Refunds-if you cancel your event that we have been scheduled to work and have allocated staff for please note the full balance is still payable if the cancellation is less than 2 weeks notice.We will however reschedule the work for you at a date we can do alternatively but note this may alter your Characters as certain staff are only available for certain dates.

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